HealthLinks Upstate Sept/Oct 2022

44 | www.Ups tatePhys i c i ansSC . com | www.Hea l thL i nksUps tate. com MORNING! - GRATITUDE JOURNAL Practicing gratitude is proving to be a great way to improve your state of mind and quality of life. As is true for finding success in forming most habits, convenience is key. The Morning! app helps you cultivate a gratitude practice with daily questions and quotes to prompt reflection, reminders that invite you back to the app and storage of your past entries with backup options. Customization options allow you to create a design suited to your preferences. Current users report positively on the app's role in bringing them to root in gratitude day after day. FLORA - GREEN FOCUS Speaking of roots: If more roots in the ground are quite literally what you are after, and you want to spend more time grounded in the present, Flora might be for you. Staying off your phone is rewarded by the planting and growth of trees virtually and in real life. Flora partners with tree-planting organizations and offers users opt-in price and care services that let them plant trees in real life after they successfully grow one in the app. Identify a goal, set a reminder and work with friends to grow a vibrant in-app garden and a life spent well. WATERMINDER - WATER TRACKER Like every growing being, you need water to thrive! It can be easy to let your hydration slip by the wayside, but, when feelings of dehydration bubble to the surface, along with a less-hydrating can of soda we down for energy and to quench our thirst, we feel the effects of insufficient hydration. WaterMinder reminds you to mind your hydration throughout the day. As you drink water and circulate it throughout your body, the app adjusts its custom visuals and measurements to reflect how much you drank. It also documents your drinking history and produces graphs so you can see how your hydration journey evolves. BETTER HEALTH? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! Get it on Google Play or download it at the Apple App Store.