HealthLinks Upstate Sept/Oct 2022

www.Ups tatePhys i c i ansSC . com | www.Hea l thL i nksUps tate. com | 13 For more advice and a deeper read about each woman’s cancer journey, visit What advice would you offer women who are fighting cancer? • Always be persistent and do not wait for doctors to see you in a couple of months. You know your body and you must be your own advocate. Always hold your head high and “fight like a girl!” – Lynne • Have faith in your medical team and ask questions. Try to keep active and do as much physical activity as you feel that you can. I had a treadmill and I walked whenever I could and felt like it. – Cathy • Keep going. As hard as it is, as sick as you may be, as tired as you may be, keep going. Live your life as if you don’t have cancer, except on treatment days. My oncologist told me that at my very first appointment, and it has stuck with me to this day. – Caitlyn Best tip for women dreading hair loss. • Own it! Yes, it’s an extremely hard transition, and I had plenty of meltdowns over it. The best thing I did was just remind myself that this was just an unfortunate part of the process, and it would grow back. – Caitlyn • Take advantage of the Feel Good/Look Good program that the American Cancer Society has. It made me feel so much better about the hair loss. At work, I was bald and my co-workers were very supportive. When I visited a school, I wore cute hats because I didn’t want to scare the little kids. I’ve always loved to wear hats so it was not a hardship. – Cathy • Visit your local Cancer Association office and introduce yourself. Tell them what type of cancer you have and see what they have to offer. You can get wigs, bandanas, scarves and beanies. And believe me, with a bald head, you do get cold as you sleep. The beanie came in really handy. – Lynne Greenville’s family-owned source for compassionate care utilizing the latest dental technology. DANIEL J KNAUSE, DMD 2131 Woodruff Road, Suite 1100 , Greenville, SC 29607 At the corner of Hwy 14 and Woodruff Road ONE VISIT CROWNS CEREC Single Appointment Permanent Crowns. LASER DENTISTRY As one of fewer than 10 offices in the state with the groundbreaking Solea Laser, we have eliminated the drilling and need for numbing with most fillings. HOLISTIC OPTIONS At Southern Laser Dentistry, we respect the beliefs and needs of our patients who want the most natural and bio-compatible options. DR. K ALIGNERS In office design and manufacture of precision clear aligners at a great value. Brighten your BEAUTIFUL SMILE with FREE WHITENING after completion of Dr. K clear aligners. 864-288-8388