HealthLinks Upstate Nov/Dec 2022

Meet the Expert KENNETH ORBECK, D.O., FAARM, ABAARM RMI.LIVE | (877) 573-3737 The HOCATT™ Plus Pro Ozone Sauna offers a combination of benefits to assist in energy management, lifestyle management, weight management and detoxification. HOCATT™, short for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy” is a tool that exposes the body to the beneficial infusion of ozone, steam, Photon light, and oxygen. EMPOWERING YOU TO BE YOUR BEST Dr. Orbeck is motivated by empowering individuals to be their best in health, wellness, and vitality. Dr. Orbeck utilizes the power of metabolic and regenerative science to achieve internal wellness and external beauty one individual at a time. RMI is proud to offer a powerful new technology designed for optimal wellness and vitality. Our private sauna sessions offer: Relaxing, spa-like sessions in your very own private sauna Stress relief and improved energy management Natural, healthy toxin removal through perspiration Increased vitality and overall wellness