HealthLinks Upstate May-Aug 2023

RMI.LIVE | (877) 573-3737 EMPOWERING YOU TO BE YOUR BEST DR. KENNETH ORBECK, D.O., FAARM, ABAARM with the RMI Team SEASONS CAN IMPACT THE FOLLOWING: Cortisol Digestion Fatigue In ammation Melatonin Menopause Menstrual Cycle Mood Change Sleep Sex Drive Stress Response Thyroid Function Vitamin D Weight The Carolinas' Leader in Complete Hormone Care Aging can be challenging, but with the help of bioidentical hormone therapy you can feel youthful and confident again. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help you reclaim your youth and confidence by influencing the negative effects associated with aging. Rejuvenate your mind and body and take the next step towards a healthy life. SEASONAL INFLUENCE OF HORMONAL BALANCE Connect with Dr. Orbeck to discover complete hormone care recommendations customized to your needs! The fluctuation of hormone levels plays a major role in how we feel throughout the year. Hormonal imbalances can be brought on by a number of factors, including lifestyle choices and experiences.