Healthlinks Upstate March/April 2022

36 | www.Ups tatePhys i c i ansSC . com | www.Hea l thL i nksUps tate. com A Unique Case: JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT EXERCISING WAS TOO DIFFICULT By Holly M. LaPrade As we age, our bodies change and evolve. Despite our best intentions, we may become challenged by any number of physical restrictions, including arthritis, injury, disability, stress and the natural shift that occurs throughout the aging process. As we grow older, we must adapt to the challenges that our bodies impose on us. For Judi Schrichte, the decision to remain active well into her 70s was a natural decision. The 78-yearold Simpsonville resident practices yoga several times a week. However, instead of physically getting down onto the floor of the studio, she completes most of the exercises from the comfort of a chair. “I started doing yoga 16 years ago when I lived in Florida,” Schrichte recalled. “I (recently) realized that I needed to get back into something, because I wanted some flexibility and balance back. I don’t seem to have good balance anymore.” Schrichte previously practiced yoga in the traditional manner, which involved getting onto the floor and into various poses. As the years progressed, yoga became more difficult for her due to issues with her hips, knees and feet, which in turn affected her overall strength and balance. Encouraged by her daughter, Schrichte began taking classes at Centered Yoga & Wellness in Simpsonville. From the beginning, she was warmly welcomed by the studio’s owner and yoga instructor, Chandra White. “She’s very good about creating a way I can do it,” Schrichte said. “Even though I can’t move as well as the other people in the class, I’ve noticed I can reach a little further. I can stretch a little more.” White explained that she is accustomed to working with a wide range of clients, all with different physical restrictions. She has worked closely with Schrichte to modify the exercises to align with her comfort level and physical abilities.