Healthlinks Upstate March/April 2022

26 | www.Ups tatePhys i c i ansSC . com | www.Hea l thL i nksUps tate. com NO EXCUSES! LOW IMPACT SPORTS FOR ANYONE AT ANY AGE In the 1970s, following the influx of non-Western worldviews and lifestyles during the late 1960s, Americans began embracing healthier routines, new diets, exercises and meditation practices. The pursuit of health became the norm for an ever-increasing number of people, many of whom made permanent changes to the way they did things and are now looking for options to maintain their fitness levels as they age. We all know that as humans grow older, our bodies are able to handle less physical stress and impact than when we were younger. However, we also know that it is imperative that we stay relatively active to maintain flexibility, bone and muscle strength, hand-eye coordination and a multitude of other functions that are necessary for a properly working body and the independence that comes with it. According to the American Senior Communities website, seniors require at least 150 hours per week of heart-rate-elevating exercise to remain physically healthy. Here is a list of some of the most common low-impact exercises that require little equipment and can be performed almost anywhere. It’s never too late to include a new pursuit that may increase your life span and make daily activities easier and more enjoyable. SWIMMING Swimming might be the best low-impact exercise available, considering there’s virtually no impact at all. While the limited amount of resistance water provides makes for a great calorie-burning workout, its buoyancy means no shock to joints, hands and feet or your neck or spine. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the average 155-pound person can burn around 216 calories during 30 minutes of moderately paced swimming. By Dave Clucas