Healthlinks Upstate March/April 2022

www.Ups tatePhys i c i ansSC . com | www.Hea l thL i nksUps tate. com | 15 Chief Financial Officer John Whitten reminisced about the Sportsclub opening in 1975 as the Greenville Racquet and Fitness Club. “We had one location with six indoor tennis courts. Later, racquetball, fitness, group fitness and an indoor pool were added. Most of the tennis courts were moved outside by the early 1990s and the interior of the club fully renovated. In 2003, a second location was added in Simpsonville, and the company’s name was changed to Sportsclub. In 2008, the Five Forks location was added.” Whitten said that while each location may have some unique options, they all offer fitness – including personal training – racquetball, Les Mills group fitness and child care. At Greenville, possibilities include tennis, a summer camp, an after-school program for kids and swim lessons, while the Five Forks location offers swim lessons and hosts its own swim team. “Sportsclub is weathering the pandemic with 15,000 memberships and 300 employees,” said Whitten. “The Greenville and Five Forks locations are each 60,000 square feet, while the Simpsonville location is 36,000 square feet.” Whitten said what makes the clubs special is that they offer “a great setting” for all. “Newcomers to fitness are welcomed with an introductory fitness experience and an attentive staff. Child care is greatly appreciated by young parents, as they can engage in their fitness routine knowing their children are receiving great care,” he said. Whitten continued, “Our clubs are well-equipped, and housekeeping is priority one. For 47 years, we have been the go-to in fitness in the Greenville area, but we never take our position for granted. Our staff is simply the best and anxious to share their passion for fitness and good health with everyone, every day.” The clubs’ members appreciate a wide variety of equipment, exercise programs, clean locker rooms and a conscientious staff that respects their time and space. From team sports to group activities to individual instruction, there is something that suits everyone’s unique ability and lifestyle. Sportsclub Kids offers a number of fun and active programs for youngsters. Whitten said the clubs appeal to all demographics: “We are about an equal mix of men and women, with about 40% over 50, about 40% between 25 and 50 and 20% under the age of 25. We know about 30% of our members participate regularly in a group fitness class, while others are involved in cardio and strength training.” Whitten said currently there are no plans to open a new location: “However, we do have plans to enhance our existing facilities with new equipment and some refurbishments.” Group Fitness classes are included in the membership’s monthly rate. Reformer, FIT Camp and personal training are not considered group fitness classes and require an additional fee. SUCCESS FOLLOWS HISTORIC LOCAL GYM For more information on the Sportsclub of Greenville, visit By John Torsiello SPONSORED MEDICAL CONTENT “ What makes the clubs special is that they offer 'a great setting' for all. “